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Written By: Tiger Times - Apr• 22•13

This month I sat down with one of our school counselors Ms. Carol DeBello and talked to her about Angelo DeBello. DeBello was the Drama and Art teacher during his years at Analy High School.
In my interview with Ms. DeBello she expressed to me that when she was a teacher’s assistant and Angelo was the Drama teacher they were crazy about each other. As we talked more and more I could see the love she had for him in her eyes and how she talked about his experience at Analy.

On January 24, 1985, Mr. DeBello passed away peacefully after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Here is Angelo’s story:

1. When did he first become a staff member at Analy?

2. What was his position?
He was the Drama and the Art teacher.

3. What did he do after his retirement?
We bought Giovanni’s Italian Delicatessen one year after he retired.

4. What do you think he would always remember from Analy?
I think he would have remembered the staff, friends, and the love for the kids. The one thing that he loved the most were the after game parties.

5. What did he love about his job?
Everything that has to do with the kids; he also loved seeing the kids’ love for the arts. He also liked meeting me.

6. What was his favorite memory of Analy?
I recall a story Angelo told me of a student who dropped a bottle of alcohol in class and it shattered all over the floor. He was so proud of how he managed to keep his cool the entire time. But when he shared the story with me, he started laughing hysterically over the nerve of the student bringing the bottle to class.

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