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Where Are They Now?

Written By: Tiger Times - Feb• 17•13

This month I sat down with a man who sees Analy High School like a second home. You see him at pretty much all the Analy functions. Chip Castleberry has been around Analy all his life, as a student, a teacher, and a proud fan. The staff who know Chip know him as a staff member and a coach. Here is Mr. Castleberry’s story as a student.

1. When did you first start going to Analy?
I started going to Analy in 1960 and graduated in 1965.

2. Who was your favorite staff member at Analy?
I think Walt Foster; he was a coach and Athletics Director.

3. What clubs, organizations, or sports were you a part of?
I was president my freshman, sophomore, and senior year and vice president my junior year. I was on the school newspaper where I covered sports. I was a part of Block A Club. I played football and ran track.

4. What was the biggest thing that happened at Analy during your senior year?
I think when Karen Valentine, an Analy student who became a well known actress, appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

5. What did you do when you left Analy?
I went to San Francisco State and played football.

6. What was your favorite moment at Analy?
I think becoming MVP for football.

7. What were the students like from your era compared to the students of today?
It’s about the same. I think students today are more exposed to the world. I feel that back then we were more innocent.

8. Do you still keep in touch with former teachers?


9. What advice do you give to students today?
Enjoy the ride. Analy is great, so be happy you are getting a good education. High school doesn’t last long.

10. Would you change anything from your experience at Analy?
No, my high school experience was the best. It was the most important part of my life.

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