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Swimming their Way to Victory

Written By: Tiger Times - Apr• 22•13

The Analy swim team is coached by Lehla Irwin. The swim team is composed of Analy students; some who have swam for years in club, some who are testing out the waters of a new sport, and everyone in between. The girls swim team has dominated so far, with a mix of club and high school swimmers all dedicated to working hard and improving their times. The boys have had few losses; the meets that they did lose were due to their small numbers, but their future is still promising as they work on improving their times in practice. The Analy swim team hopes to dominate SCL and that drives their fierce motivation, and the motivation is what drives them to go to morning practice at 5:30 am. The feeling of accomplishment after a morning practice is rare. The satisfaction does not come from waking up at five in the morning, but from perfecting one’s stroke and shaving seconds of time off.

The swimmers on the team all have different goals, reasons for doing swimming, and fun memories from swimming. Jordan Jayne, a sophomore on the Analy swim team, has the genes for swimming, considering her grandpa went to the Olympics. She enjoys swimming because “half the time you don’t even realize you’re working out and you get to enjoy being in the water with your friends.” Sara Soares, a breast stroke swimmer, swims with both the high school team as well as her own team. “Swimming club and high school together is tiring. High school swimming is more about having fun and teaching others about swimming. Club is competition-filled.” Sara loves swimming, and has begun to coach the JV team during morning practices on Wednesdays. Michala Roan enjoys swimming and her favorite memory was SCL “Just because everyone was so spirited, extremely excited to swim, and we did really well.” Michala has been swimming since she was young and just kept with it. Jon Knox, who is best at back stroke and freestyle, hopes to place within the top eight at NCS. Rebecca Baxley said, “I swim because I love cold water at 5 am on a rainy day. I think the reason I’ve stuck with swimming for so long despite the early mornings is the feeling of accomplishment. All of us put so much time and effort into practicing everyday, and the minute it pays off in a race, it becomes addicting. I always have room for improvement and I can always be better–that is the best part.” All these swimmers have a fierce determination and love of the sport.

The Analy swimmers agree that as the swimming season goes on everyone becomes like a family, and that in itself is one of the best parts about swimming. Also, it is a good way to relieve stress, and as soon as they dive into the pool all their worries seem to melt away with the water and nothing but the stroke is important. The team hopes that the Analy student body can come out and watch them on a Thursday at Ives to see the magic happen.

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