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Written By: Tiger Times - Apr• 22•13

My, oh my, is the year already wrapping up?

Haven’t bought your ticket for Prom yet?! What are you doing?! Prom tickets are on sale now for $145 (plus $30 for the charter bus, with limited tickets remaining), but only until Friday!

Thursday the 25th will be a Rally Schedule for the Prom Rally.

Prom is on April 27th this year! If any guys still need a tux, if you get them at The Men’s Wearhouse in Santa Rosa, Analy Leadership will receive money!

Class Election Rallies will be held on May 2nd.

The last Student Senate of the Year will be May 7th, SSR, Choir Room. The next Tiger Transition Training will be held May 9th, SSR, Small Gym. The Last Tiger Transition will be held May 14th, SSR, Large Gym.


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