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Controversial “Twist” Dance (The Analyan)

Written By: Tiger Times - Feb• 12•12

This article, “Controversial “Twist” Dance is here to stay,” originally appeared in the February 9, 1962 edition of The Analyan, the Analy student newspaper of many years ago.

What is the subject causing the most controversy in the world today?
No, it’s not the East-West contest, it’s the Twist.
This “towel-rubbing, cigarette-smashing” monster (which would in all probability have been passing fancy if the parents had not caught on) is here to stay.
The infant Twist was brought into the world by Dick Clark and Chubby Checker about one year ago. It was semi-popular, but soon died down.
Then with a tremendous boost from the Peppermint Lounge, a night spot in New York where the twist became the main attraction, the full grown demon began spreading with a jet-age tempo.
It began “bugging” Paris last spring; it’s in England and even way out in Lebanon, where great protest is being made. The Lebanese leaders claim it’s ruining the morals of their youth, and have ordered policemen to raid spots where the twist is done. One police man remarked upon observing some teenagers twisting, “It doesn’t seem immoral, they don’t even touch each other.”
There are opinions for and against the twist. It’s dancing in a way, expression in movement. It’s fun; it’s a stimulating topic of conversation.
But, on the other side of the picture, there are the wrenched backs, and the girl in New York who broke her leg twisting. AND there are the parents who have not caught on.


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