Wish List

We depend on your donations – in cash, in kind, or in time – to run our  program. Call 824-2300 x 2180 for more info or to arrange pickup: (we can wish can’t we?!)

  • A shipping container for our lumber, platforms and set pieces that we constantly reuse OR a large canopy to store them under – up to $3000
  • A bullhorn – Cheap!
  • Power tools, especially an electric theatre winch
  • Cordless impact drivers – 18 V preferrably
  • Hand tools, especially wrenches
  • Brooms – both push and sweep variety
  • Dust pans
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Painting equipment (brushes, rollers, etc.) plus paint in primary colors – Thank you to whomever donated some of these items through Sebastopol Hardware’s recent Adopt-a-classroom event!!
  • Sound equipment – microphones (vocal, stage, lapel)
  • Lighting equipment – spots, stands, color gels, orchestra lamps
  • Lumber for set construction
  • Furniture, mirrors, everyday props, and theatrical props
  • Good-condition clothing in all sizes: vintage, costume wear, everyday wear, hats, accessories, belts, purses, shoes, boots, scarves, canes, umbrellas, coats, – conservative & outlandish – Thank you to the many people who donated items to us!
  • Costume jewelry
  • Discounted (or free!) ad space in local papers
  • Discounted (or free!) printing for advertising, programs, tickets – Thank you to SPRINT COPY CENTER for their discounts to us!!
  • Discounted (or free!) haircuts for actors
  • Royalties to mount a production range from $300 – $3,000 per show.
  • Professional & technical work (lighting, sound, etc.) costs up to $3,000 per year.
  • Stipends for teachers * (choreographer, musical director, costumer) run about $3,000 per year.
  • Equipment replacement and repair could cost several thousand dollars per year – if we had the $$! We just bought a new scrim ($950)
  • Hardware costs about $1,000 per year – not including lighting instruments (each up to $500 to replace), lamps (up to $80 each), and gaffer tape (up to $25 per roll).

Thank you AHSEF, Rotary, and the Kiwanis Club for your generous support of our programs!!


2014 –  $3,686.00 for a new midstage traveler and track

2011-’12 – $2000 from Matt Nix for a new cyclorama; $3000 for a Genie scissor lift (lift from the generosity of Rocky and Kim Camp!)

2009-’10 – $9,300 for Theatre Renovation Continuation and Dance Supplies


2012 – $3200 from Community Grant for Theatre stage floor renovation – Project Completed Summer 2013

2011 – $800 for Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Night

2010 – $280 for a Head Microphone for Dance Class


2012-13 – $500 for the program in general.