Acting Class


Welcome to Acting Class

This is an introduction to stage performance, the theatre, and the artistic culture in which it all exists. During the course students will be given the fundamental tools to interpret and perform a piece of theatre, scripted or improv’d. In the process, students learn theatre terminology and etiquette, and basic critiquing skills. Students will be expected to engage in all physical, social, and academic activities pertaining to the course objectives to the best of their abilities. To this end, students should come prepared:

              To MOVE (i.e. clothing you can move in)

            BE OPEN/INTERACT with classmates (be a kind human being).

       This course will cover skills in observation, listening, mime, characterization, improvisation, dialects, monologue and scene delivery, auditioning, script reading, writing, memorization, and acting, by way of acting exercises and games. Acting is a wonderful, rewarding pursuit. Its study can open the mind, sharpen the wit, and free the heart. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover your hidden talents…and have fun!