Ellen Houlemard

Ellen Houlemard received her B.S from Chico and finished her credential at Sonoma State University. She started teaching at Analy in 2012, and prior to that, she was a substitute teacher in West County schools for 10+ years. She has a lot of history at Analy: her husband, two sons, a niece and a nephew, and three brothers-in-law graduated from Analy, and now she’s a teacher of Tigers!  Her experience here at Analy includes teaching English 10, English 11, English 11 Honors, and Junior and Senior English, and is always willing to take on new challenges and curriculum.

Attention Ms. Houlemard’s 11 Honors Students:

STUDENT E-MAIL address pattern has been changed for continuing students
The new email address will be:
First initial + the first four letters of last name + last 3 digits of your permanent ID (not student #)
For example if your name is Mary Smith and your permanent ID is 1920003456, your new email address will be:  msmit456@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us.  Password will not change.
For help, you may e-mail portalsupport@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us

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  • Contact Information

    Ellen Houlemard, https://classroom.google.com/h
    Email: ehoulemard.ahs@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us
    Phone: 707 824-2300 x8749