DATE: May 31, 2018
TIME: 9:30 pm to 5 am
WHERE: Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

Admission is $75.  Purchase your admission before Grad Nite so you do not have to wait in line!  You can pay via check or click the link to the right to pay via Paypal.


Aug 9-12 Only:  $55                            
Aug 14-May 11: $65   EXTENDED PRICE BREAK: May 12-13 order via Paypal before price goes                                            up on Monday!
May 12-May 31: $75

Partial or full scholarships are available. See sidebar for application.

Volunteers!  We need you!  Underclassman parents, please pay if forward so this great event will still be here for your senior!                                                                                                                   Email Project Grad  to help in the planning.

Volunteer! Click here for a shift or two! We need help with; set up, working shifts on PG night and clean up.

Please review this Fact Sheet for more information

Enter graduating senior’s name

The 30th Annual PROJECT GRADUATION Celebration for ALL 2018 graduating SENIORS is a fabulous send-off party proudly planned and sponsored by Analy parents and the local community. This alcohol and drug-free celebration lasts from 9:30 p.m. the night of graduation until 5 a.m the next morning. Every year some 80% of the graduating class attends this ALL-NIGHT party that serves the dual purpose of keeping our students safe and off the streets after graduation and honoring their graduation with a fabulous night of activities, food, entertainment and many special memories.

Since Project Graduation was instituted 30 years ago, not a single Analy graduate has died from alcohol, drugs or traffic accidents on graduation night. You can help keep our kids safe by volunteering for this great event, and, most importantly, making sure your graduating senior attends. Project Grad has strong grassroots support through people like you. It takes place in 15 Sonoma County Schools and across the country. Read a note from our Chief of Police about this great event!

The planning of this event starts well before students enter their SENIOR year at Analy. Traditionally, parents of freshman, sophomores and juniors pay it forward—serving on the planning committee and staffing the event for the graduates—which allows parents of seniors to enjoy their student’s graduation and spend time with family on graduation night.

Over 100 adult volunteers work hands-on before, during and after the event, and all Analy parents are welcome to participate, especially those who do not have a graduating senior. What skills are needed? Enthusiasm and commitment. There’s a place for everyone. Just ask anyone who has been involved—it’s fun !

The Project Grad Committee meets monthly.  Contact our email below for current meeting date and location.

For info about Admission Sales, contact Rochelle Tiche.

For info about making a donation, contact Sherine Cirullo

For info about volunteering, email Project Grad

Volunteer at Project Grad!  Click here for a shift or two!

Save money! Price of admission is offered at the discounted rate of $55 on REGISTRATION DAY ONLY!  Price increases to $65 beginning August 10, 2017 through May 11, 2018.  Price will be $75 May 12- May 31, 2018. To pay for admission we have added a Paypal option for your convenience. You can also see Nancy Siebert in the Analy Registrar’s office, or mail your check to Analy Project Grad, 6950 Analy Ave., Sebastopol, CA 95472. And don’t forget…gift certificates make great gifts! Don’t wait! Price will increase to $75 during the last three weeks of school. Partial or full scholarships are available. See student’s counselor.

To attend, students must also complete a Project Grad Contract and return it with their own and a parent’s signature.

Grads won’t want to miss this party!  With at least 80% attendance each year, it’s where all of your friends will be on grad night!

Para obtener información en Español, por favor llame a Raul Guerrero (email: Raul Guerrero, telefono: 707.824.2320).