Analy Food Court


Analy Food Court is your one stop food shop:
● Three payment lines that move students in and out quickly
● Easy access from the quad
● Attractive buffet style serving lines for brunch and lunch, including fresh salad, veggie and fruit bar
● A variety of snacks and beverages sold separately

Full Meal Deals offer more food for the price – Full meals are a great deal and are available  for both brunch and lunch.  Full meal deals offer students a variety of healthy foods to choose from, with an emphasis on offering more fruits, vegetables and whole grains at every meal. In fact, all of the grains offered in full meal deals are whole grain. The full meal deal always includes a main entree, milk, fruit juice or whole fresh fruit.  The lunch meal includes a side salad, veggies with dip, or other veggies.

Analy High School’s Food Service is active in the local Farm to School movement, and uses locally grown produce on a regular basis. For more information see the newspaper article published in the Sonoma West Times on June 1, 2011 via pdf.