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Apply Online at SchoolLunchApp.comSave paper and time by applying online! Online applications will be accepted starting August 1, 2014. Download more information about applying online in English here and in Spanish here.  Applying online is safe, secure and private.
NEW! Check your Free and Reduced Application Status Online at  Don’t wait for a letter to arrive in the mail.   Find out if your child was approved for free or reduced price meals by checking online.  You can even print the confirmation letter yourself!

Or, Submit a Paper Application: Paper applications and instructions are available in the Analy office or at the Analy Food Court.  Paper applications can also be downloaded here:
Link to download 2014-14  English Letter to the Household with instructions for applying.
Link to download 2014-15  Spanish Letter to the Household with instructions for applying. 

Link download the 2014-15  English and in Spanish  Meal Application.

ATTENTION: Parents of students new to the District applying for free or reduced price meals: Parents of student new to the district – including incoming freshmen – should be sure to provide a sack lunch, send cash, prepay online at or place money on their student’s meal account at the cafeteria for the first day of school and until the application is approved. Eligibility for free or reduced meals does not begin until the application is processed, and this can take up to 10 days.

ATTENTION: Parents of returning students eligible for free meals last school year: If your student was enrolled at Analy, El Molino or Laguna High Schools last school year and was eligible for free or reduced meals, their eligibility will extend to the first 30 operating days of the school year. This 30 day grace period will end on October 2, 2014. Since new applications can take up to 10 days to process, be sure to submit your student’s new meal application as soon as possible after the school year starts to ensure no interruption in their free or reduced meal eligibility



  Menu for August 2014 Coming Soon


Analy Food Court is your one stop food shop:
● Four payment lines that move students in and out quickly
● Easy access from the quad
● Attractive buffet style serving lines for brunch and lunch, including fresh salad, veggie and fruit bar
● A variety of snacks and beverages sold separately

Full Meal Deals offer more food for the price – Full meals are a great deal and are available  for both brunch and lunch.  Full meal deals offer students a variety of healthy foods to choose from, with an emphasis on offering more fruits, vegetables and whole grains at every meal. In fact, all of the grains offered in full meal deals are whole grain. The full meal deal always includes a main entree, milk, fruit juice or whole fresh fruit.  The lunch meal includes a side salad, veggie with dip, or other veggie.

Analy High School’s Food Service is active in the local Farm to School movement, and uses locally grown produce on a regular basis. For more information see the newspaper article published in the Sonoma West Times on June 1, 2011 via pdf.

Fuel Up for the Day!
Remember to eat a healthy breakfast at the Analy Food Court

Meal Prices: Breakfast and lunch are served at the Analy Food Court and daily.
Prices for Complete Student Meals are BRUNCH: $1.75     LUNCH: $3.00.
Reduced Price Meals: BRUNCH: 30¢     LUNCH: 40¢
Students eligible for free meals receive brunch and lunch at no charge.
The cost for adults is $2.25 for brunch and $3.50 for lunch.
A complimentary self service water dispenser is now available in the cafeteria

*Please note that students are now required to show their student ID card when purchasing food

New! Fresh Healthy Vending – Analy High School Food Service offers organic, natural snacks and beverages, compliant with State and federal regulations, in a vending machine located near the cafeteria and quad.  Fresh, Healthy Vending offers students a popular variety of snacks and drinks at reasonable prices for those times before and after school when the cafeteria is closed.  These high tech machines accept debit or credit cards, give change back for $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, and are energy efficient. 75% of the profits from each purchase your student makes through Fresh, Healthy Vending goes to Analy ASB.

Charge Policy:  Students are not allowed to charge for snack type drinks and beverages (a la carte). Paying students or students eligible for reduced price meals will be allowed to charge meals, up to $10.00.  Students should pay charged amounts as soon as possible.  If the amount charged reaches $10.00, the student’s parents or guardians will be contacted for payment.

If you do not wish for your child to be allowed to charge food at the cafeteria,  please contact or call Gayle Dyer,  Tommie Milleman or Staci Smith at 707-824-2338 . A pop up note will be placed on their meal account. This note will appear on the computer screen when your student goes through the cafeteria line and they will not be permitted to charge.

FOR SENIORS WITH PAST DUE BALANCES:  If payment is not received by the end of the school year, past due amounts will be moved to their permanent student account for collection and will result in a financial hold being placed on their account. This could prohibit the release or/and delay of graduation tickets.

FOR GRADES 9, 10 AND 11 WITH PAST DUE BALANCES:  If the student has a balance of less than $10.00 and payment is not received by the end of the school year,   the balance will be carried over to the next school year on the student’s meal account.  For balances of $10.00 or more, the charges will be moved to the student’s permanent student account with Analy each summer.  This will result in a financial hold being placed on their Analy account the following school year. This could prohibit the release or/and delay of Class Schedules and Transcript Requests.

PURCHASE OF SECOND MEALS: Students eligible for free or reduced priced meals, or paying students, can purchase a second meal at the regular meal rate of $1.75 for brunch and $3.00 for lunch.  Students cannot charge second meals without prior permission from parents or guardians.   If you want your child to be allowed to charge second meals,  please contact or call Gayle Dyer,  Tommie Milleman or Staci Smith at 707-824-2338.




Important Note:  When setting up a new meal account for your student on you will need to use their PERMANENT ID NUMBER, not the ID number assigned by the school.  This number is available on the student’s schedule.  If you do not have the schedule, you can contact Gayle Dyer at 824-2338. provides students and parents 24/7 self service access to their account. Want to see what you or your child’s school meal account balance is? Interested in knowing what food purchases you or your child have made over the last month? Setting up an online account at is a free, fast, easy and secure way for students or parents to view account balances and a 30 day transaction history.

Prepay Online or at the Cash Register: Deposits can easily be made to student accounts online at with debit/credit card or PayPal™ account (small convenience fees may apply). Deposits to student accounts can also be made at the Analy Food Court at cash registers during any meal service, before school or between classes with cash or check.  Make checks payable to “Food Service”.

Parents can easily set up and check their student’s meal account online for past due amounts at Or, for student meal account status, call Gayle Dyer or Tommie Milleman at 707-824-2338. Payments to meal accounts can be made online at, or at the school cafeteria by cash or check.

Bonus Meals: Earn Free Lunch Meals! For every $100 deposit you make on your student’s meal account (based on a zero balance), your student will automatically receive one free “bonus” lunch meal. Or, if your student is eligible for reduced meals, deposit $50 to earn a bonus meal. Deposits can be made online at or by dropping off a payment at the cafeteria. Up to 5 bonus meals can be earned per school year. Bonus meals can be redeemed at the Analy Food Court.  Bonus meals not used by the end of the school year will carry over to the next year



At the Analy Food Service Program we believe that healthy bodies make healthy minds. Our food service program is designed to support the education of the students at Analy High  School by providing nutritious, well-balanced meals at the Analy Food Court(cafeteria) that our diverse group of students will enjoy – at a reasonable price they can afford.

Our staff believes that the students are our customers, and without them we would not be here. Led by Tommie Milleman, the Analy Food Court staff consists of Tracy Kleigl, Joseph Tenney and Mayra Onofre, a hardworking team that create food that not only meets federal and State nutritional guidelines, but is wholesome and tasty.

Meals are served to students through the federally funded United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs during the regular school year and summer school. These meals must meet the most current special guidelines set by the USDA, and our menus must conform to rigid standards and follow the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA).



Need Sack Brunches and/or Lunches for Field Trips?
The Analy Cafeteria will provide sack brunches and/or lunches for field trips for adults and your students. Complete the attached form for brunch or lunch and submit to the Analy Cafeteria.
A 48 hour notice is required.


Let us know what you think. We appreciate your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please contact us and let us know what you think about our services and menu items.

Analy High School Food Services Department 6950 Analy Avenue Phone: 707-824-2338

Gayle Dyer, Food Services Coordinator, Email:

Staci Smith, Site Lead



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