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Analy Car Pool Submission Form

Would you like to carpool to Analy? Need some help working it out? All you have to do is fill out the form below and click the "submit" button.

If you are an Analy student, parental permission is required to use this form. Moreover, students under 18 are not allowed to drive students under age 18.

Analy High School is not responsible for the safety and care of Analy students or drivers or parents in car pools. Drivers and parents must take it upon themselves to ensure the safety of students, make sure that vehicles are in good condition and driven safely, that they are adequately insured, that driving plans are agreed to ahead of time, to have a backup plan, and related matters.

NOTE:  Any information you include on the form below will be made available to other people who choose to download it. You may leave answers blank for privacy reasons but email address and "where you live" are of great importance for this to work.

The list of interested carpoolers will be made available for downloading here on the Analy High School web site. It will include any information that you provide below.

Information about carpooling may be announced over Analy News, the school electronic newsletter. We highly recommend that you subscribe to Analy News.

To have your information removed from the database, email using the email address that you used to enter the information below. This is an all volunteer effort but we will attempt to remove your information within a couple of days.

The Car Pool Form
Enter your Info here!
Your name (first is fine)
Are you an Analy:
REQUIRED Contact info
E-mail and/or a phone number needed
Email address:
Phone (include area code if not 707)

TO Analy - in the AM

Do you need a ride in the morning?
If Yes, how many seats do you need?
If you have room for others in the AM, how many seats do you have?
AM Pickup place or nearest crossroads
REQUIRED You come from which city/area in the morning?
Which mornings do you want to carpool?
Time you need to arrive AT Analy

FROM Analy - in the PM

Do you need a ride in the afternoon?
Check this box if PM seats are same as AM and you return to same location.
If Yes, how many seats do you need?
If you have room for others in the PM, how many seats do you have?
PM Dropoff place or nearest crossroads
REQUIRED You return to which city/area in the afternoon?
Which afternoons do you want to carpool?

Time you need to leave Analy?
Other information:

Write any information or preferences here, e.g., the time you'll need a ride if it's not right after school, if you will only accept a ride in a car with other girls or boys, etc.

Information from this will be posted on the commuter information to download page.


If you have questions or problems with submitting this form email