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Analy Commuter Data

This page contains information submitted by users in response to the Analy Commuter Form. As noted there, if you are an Analy student, parental permission is required to use this form.

Analy High School is not responsible for the safety and care of Analy students, drivers or parents in car pools. Drivers and parents must take it upon themselves to ensure the safety and care of students, make sure that vehicles are in good condition and driven safely, that they are adequately insured, and related matters.

A list of interested carpoolers who have filled out this form is available below. These files are password-protected for privacy. You will receive the password upon signup.

Last Update: July 22, 2013
Download: Excel Spreadsheet


Legend (pdf) for interpreting the meaning of information on the data sheet (spreadsheet or pdf). Also available here in Word.

To be dropped from future car pool lists, email .

If you have questions or problems, email .