This is Analy High School’s web site for faculty, staff and parent volunteer web developers along with other interested people. This space exists to answer questions and provide guidance to Analy web developers. Do you want to try something new, like set up a web page, try out a blog or create or make a calendar public? Are you looking for a place that tells you how to figure out your web page colors? Or do you want to learn how to put a picture on your web page/blog or make or change a link? Maybe this site will help you.

If you don’t find what you want, or you have a question, please write. You can add a comment or a question to any entry by logging on. We ask you to log on to comment so as to prevent spam.

Make a new post if you are a contributor; if you want to be a contributor or make comments, write. You can look at the entries posted on this blog in various ways:

  • by subject or categories (look at the top of this page–e.g., “Analy News Posts” (an archive of Analy News), “Blog vs. Web page” or “Calendars“)
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Did you just get assigned or request a new blog? Go to: Just Got My Blog, Now What? Here’s another called “For Developers of New Web Pages or Blogs”

Did you accidentally delete a web document and want it restored? Go to: Lost my document. Help!

Need to use  FTP to transfer grades or something else?  Go here.