This was Analy High School’s web site for faculty, staff and parent volunteer web developers along with other interested people. The web site has changed considerably since August 2015, when Analy’s web site was converted into a blog format by a for profit web development firm, and now it’s unclear whether the general or specific advice offered here will be useful.

This blog is no longer updated any more.

This space has existed to answer questions and provide guidance to Analy web developers.  You can look at the entries posted on this blog in various ways:

  • by subject or categories (look at the top of this page–e.g., “Analy News Posts” (an archive of Analy News), “Blog vs. Web page” or “Calendars“)
  • chronologically (when you’re on a page other than this one by clicking on “Archives”–e.g., February or March) or
  • by “Recent Posts” (entries recently added or updated)
  • by searching for information using the search engine (it’s on any page with posts–click on an archive or one of the categories on the right)
  • by looking at the “Changes and Updates” in the top right hand corner of this page.