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Contact Information

Please do not contact this office via email to excuse your student’s absence. You must call or provide your excuse in a signed note or letter.

For other inquiries contact:

Patti Paladini
E-mail: ppaladini.ahs@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us
Phone: 707.824.2302

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for keeping track of period absences leading to a loss of credit. The Vice Principals and Attendance Clerk will be working with students and contacting parents regarding absences. Absences will be reflected on progress reports and report cards. Students must either bring a note from home to the Attendance Office on the day that he/she returns to school or parents may call the Attendance Office (824.2302) and leave a voicemail explaining the absence. Absences which have not been cleared within 48 hours will become “cuts” (unexcused). Students who return to school without a note or cleared by a phone call, will be unexcused until cleared. The absence must be cleared or it will be considered a truancy and disciplinary action will be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are parents legally required to have their child attend school, and to arrive on time?

Yes, parents are responsible. Students are legally required to attend school under the compulsory education laws of California (Ed Code 48200). In cases where children are absent much of the school year due to unexcused reasons (or excessively late for a number of occasions) and school staff have tried several interventions to remedy the situation, the case can be brought before a deputy district attorney and/or before a judge in court asking for their assistance.

Is a student declared truant if they miss three school days due to unexcused absences?


What defines an excused absence?

Personal illness, medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointments, attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member, quarantine under city or county direction, exclusion for not having been properly immunized, such absence excused for not more than five days, required court appearance, for a student who is the custodial parent of a child who is ill or has a medical appointment during school hours.

Doesn’t the school receive the revenue limit (ADA – funds) when I write a note excusing my child from school for being ill?

No, laws have changed. Schools no longer receive funds even if a parent writes a note explaining why the student was absent.

How can I get homework if my student is ill?

If your student is out for 1 - 5 days we suggest they ask a friend or email their teacher. If you have no email access, on the third day in a row the student is out a request needs to be called in to 824.2302 by 8:30 a.m. to be ready after school that day. If the request is not received by or before 8:30 the homework will not be ready until the following afternoon. The homework may be picked up in a basket in the front part of the attendance office at the end of that school day. The requests are all mixed together so you need to look through the entire basket for your student’s homework. The building is locked at 4:00 p.m.

What do I do if my student has a Doctor or Dentist appointment during school hours?

Send a note with your student to take to the Attendance Office to receive a Permit To Leave. The note needs to include the student’s name, time to leave school, reason, and parent signature. You can also call and request a Permit to Leave for your student ahead of time and then the student can meet you wherever you have designated.

We received a phone call home regarding my student being absent for a period but know this is an error. What should we do?

Send your student in to pick up a pink slip from the basket inside the attendance office. The student completes the top portion of the Pink Slip and takes it to the teacher who marked them absent. The teacher must return this form after signing. This correction must take place within two weeks of the absence.

May I email your office regarding my student’s absence?

You can certainly email any absence questions you might have regarding attendance issues or policies but any actual absences or request for permits to leave must be reported by phone call, phone message, or note.

What happens if my student calls me directly that they are sick and want to come home?

Call the attendance office at 824.2302 or health tech at 824.2348 and request a permit to leave. If the student leaves without a permit to leave it is considered a CUT even though you have had contact with your student. Please check your student out by phone or in person through the attendance office before they leave campus.

How can I check on my student’s absences or tardies?

You can call the attendance office at 824.2302 anytime and ask about tardies and absences. You can also send your student in to check their record.

At what point does my student lose credit for unexcused absences?

A student will lose one academic credit after the seventh unexcused absence in a semester and an additional credit every fourth unexcused absence after that. Block schedule days count as two absences.

Will my student lose credit for tardies?

There is no credit loss for tardies. Each teacher has their own policy regarding tardies. If a student is over 15 minutes late to the class it is recorded as one absence on a block day schedule.

What should my student do if they are tardy?

The student should go directly to their classroom.  If the reason for the tardy is excusable, than a note or phone call from a parent should be submitted to the attendance office.

Who should I contact if my student must miss school for a trip or family business?

If the student will miss 5 – 20 days of school we recommend a short-term independent study contract. You or the student may contact Ms. Laura Schmitt at 824.2300 x8730, in Annex 6, or the Attendance Clerk at 824.2302, regarding these contracts. A request must be made at least 5 days in advance.

Do I have to call each day my student is ill?

Yes, a phone call is required each day unless you have specifically reported that your student will be out, i.e., today and tomorrow.