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Analy News is an email only list used by Analy High School in Sebastopol, California. When you join you will receive emails that announce deadlines, events and other information about Analy. It's another way to keep in touch, in addition to the home page.

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Some people have trouble subscribing or remaining subscribed--mostly Comcast users but sometimes others. If this happens to you here are some suggestions. If #1-#3 don't work, the quickest solution: set up a free Gmail account. So far it's always worked (see below). Possible solutions #1-#3:

We have encountered some circumstances with comcast and aol where systems administrators for those domain will not permit messages to be received from Analy News. In other cases users will get delayed email. We have written to them specifically but they still sometimes block/delay email to some users. We have no control over these situations.

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A workaround (so far it's always worked): set up a free gmail account, subscribe to Analy News using that account, confirm the subscription for the new account and then set your gmail account settings to forward everything to your regular email account. The upside of this option: you're more likely to get subscribed now. The downside: you have to create another email address (although once it's set up you won't have to bother with it anymore).