Analy High School Staff Directory

Find contact information for all Analy High School Office Staff, Counseling, Administration, Teacher Department Heads and Teacher Personnel.

Office Staff

Tammy Christiansen, Health Tech E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2348

Brigitte DeLeon, ASB Clerk E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2313

Jay Fabian, Technology Specialist Email: Phone: 707-824-8000

Sandra Jones, Vice Principal’s Secretary E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2319 FAX: 707.827-7936

Jackie Weiss, Attendance Clerk E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2302 Attendance FAQ 2016-17

Karin Taylor, Principal’s Secretary  E-Mail Phone: 707-824-2314

Nancy Siebert, Registrar E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2305 FAX:  707.824.7951



Lucia Garcia, Counselor – Department Chair E-mail: Last Names A – Gom

Ellisa Beamish, Counselor E-mail: Last Names Gon – Ono

Linda Ruder, Counselor E-mail: Last Names Orn – Z

Paula Bush, College & Career E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2327

Karin Taylor, Counseling Secretary E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2316 FAX: 707.827.7951


Shauna Ferdinandson, Principal E-Mail Phone: 707-824-2314                 

Karin Taylor, Principal’s Secretary E-Mail Phone: 707-824-2314

Erin Elliott,  Vice Principal E-Mail: Phone: 707-824-2319 (Underclassmen  Last Names L-Z)

Forrest Harper, Vice Principal E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2319 (Underclassmen  Last Names A-K)

Sandra Jones, Vice Principals Secretary E-mail: Phone: 707.824.2319 FAX: 707.827.7938

Teacher Directory - By Department

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Visit Department Website

Department Chair: Heidi Mickelson


Brent Gorris

Randy Hall

Walt Hays

Tomi Smith


Art / Fine Arts

Department Chair: Anita Sandwina


Tera Crawford

Andrew DelMonte

Andi Entwood

Joseph Myers

Casey Jones



English View English Website

Department Chairs: Joel Stickel / Susan Blackmer


Katie Benson

Kelly Fruchey

Audrey Leach

Tricia Maxson

Joseph Myers

Peg Sewall



Department Chairs: Michella Trevino / Jeff Ogston /


Rebecca Davenport

Jo Dempsey

Alice Keegan

Julie Kellogg

Brian Miller

Alex Wilson



Department Chair: Dan Bourdon


Kai Hamblin

Jamie Malone

Physical Education

Department Chair: Earl Pasamonte


Daniel Bourdon

Nancy Williams





Department Chair: Kimberly MacQuarrie


Amanda DeppeCarter

Kai Hamblin

Bethany Hoff

Nicoleta Lupu-Philpot

Kate Oitzinger

Josh Shaw


Social Sciences

Department Chair: Rachel Ambrose


Jason Carpenter

Bryan Carter

Joe Ellwood

Tim Forslund

Matthew Kristensen

Nicole Ochoa


Special Education

Department Chairs: Jane Mays / Christy Lubin /


Adam Alcorn

James Foster

Merry McIlroy

Todd Smith

Violette Tindall



World Language

Department Chair: Junie-Moon Curtiss


Francisco Manriquez

Lily Smedshammer

Noemi Reyes



Teacher Directory

First Name Last Name Department Email Phone
Violette Tindall Special Education
Josh Shaw Science
Joe Myers English
Nicole Ochoa Social Science
Jamie Malone Applied Academics and Technology
Merry McIlroy Special Education
Alice Keegan Math
Casey Jones Art/Fine Arts
Kai Hamblin Science
Kelly Fruchey English
Rebecca Davenport Math 707 824- 2300
Francisco Manriquez World Language 707-824-2300 x8725
Kate Oitzinger Science 707-824-2300 x8751
Amanda DeppeCarter Science 707-824-2300 x8790
Julie Kellogg Math 707-824-2300 x 8781
Noemi Reyes World Language 707-824-2300 x8725
James Foster Special Education 707-824-2300 x8882
Katie Benson English 707-824-2300 x8779
Bethany Hoff Science (707) 824-2300 x8752
Randy Hall Applied Academics and Technology (707) 824-2300 x8732
Heidi Mickelson Applied Academics and Technology 707-824-2300 x8794
Peg Sewall English 707-824-2300 x8886
Rachel Ambrose Social Science 707 824-2300 x8703
Tera Crawford Art/Fine Arts 707 824-2300 x8722
Jason Carpenter Social Science 707 824-2300 x8770
Daniel Bourdon Physical Education 707 824-2300 x8746
Alex Wilson Math 707 824-2300 x8896
Brent Gorris Applied Academics and Technology 707 824-2300 x8888
Adam Alcorn Special Education 707 824-2300 x8712
Nancy Williams Physical Education 707 824-2300 x8789
Michella Trevino Math 707 824-2300 x8784
Susan Blackmer English 707 824-2300 x8773
Joel Stickel English 707 824-2300 x8887
Tomi Smith Applied Academics and Technology 707 824-2300 x8766
Todd Smith Special Education 707 824-2300 x8765
Lily Smedshammer World Language 707 824-2300 x8776
Anita Sandwina Art/Fine Arts 707 824-2300 x8717
Earl Pasamonte Physical Education 707 824-2300 x8746
Jeff Ogston Math 707 824-2300 x8745
Brian Miller Math 707 824-2300 x8896
Jane Mays Special Education 707 824-2300 x8726
Tricia Maxson English 707 824-2300 x8787
Kim MacQuarrie Science 707 824-2300 x8753
Nicoleta Lupu-Philpot Science 707 824-2300 x8046
Christy Lubin Special Education 707 824-2300 x8772
Audrey Leach English 707 824-2300 x8893
Matthew Kristensen Social Science 707 824-2300 x8771
Walt Hays Applied Academics and Technology 707 824-2300 x8762
Tim Forslund Social Science 707 824-2300 x8775
Andi Entwood Art/Fine Arts 707 824-2300 x8723
Joe Ellwood Social Science 707 824-2300 x8721
Jo Dempsey Math 707 824-2300 x8757
Andrew DelMonte Art/Fine Arts 707 824-2300 x8740
Junie-Moon Curtiss World Language 707 824-2300 x8774
Bryan Carter Social Science 707 824-2300 x8768